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Home Manifesto

Who we are?

We love geography in all its diversity. Our desire is to combine our passion and our knowledge in our work. Our work is gathering the earth’s information and bringing it to the global community in ways that are meaningful, informative and useful.

What we do?

The process of getting and presenting this information is not trivial. It involves developing a team of people with a deep knowledge and understanding of the earths’ sciences that share our interest and beliefs. We apply technology to best advantage across the entire range of geographic activities: we start with data acquisition using the latest sensors, we present the information using traditional and advanced visualization methods and we use the best of information technology to provide strategic management of that data.

How we do it?

Our work ethic is strong. We tackle all our projects with the same degree of pride and enthusiasm. Our quest is to do an honest, high quality job delivered on time and within budget. We take a collaborative approach with our people, our clients and our community. Geographic information in all its forms is a way of life to us all. Our hands on approach ensure all of us are involved at all levels of project execution. We also encourage all our clients to be an integral part of this process. Through it all, we never lose sight of the fact that we have a responsibility to our people, to our community and to the client who all believe in our efforts and appreciate our endeavours.

Our Philosophy

We respect and encourage the intellectual curiosity of our entire team. Everyone is encouraged to keep on learning and accept new opportunities. We believe this appetite to learn and the willingness to share our knowledge will enable cross pollination of ideas between our people, customers and academia that will ultimately benefit us all. Every day we want to keep getting more informed, more organized and more involved. We are willing to work hard for it, guarantee to do every project to the best of our ability.

Life is too short for office politics, for pointless paper chases, for saying what you think others want to hear and for needless conflict. We would rather be honest and say it as it is. One thing is for sure, we are experts in our field and we appreciate the reliance placed upon us by our clients. We are also conscious of the contribution we make in our work to the knowledge and sustainability of our environment.

Above all, our desire is to be the company that you will turn to first for advice and for help, because we truly care and are passionate about all we do.