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National, State, Local, Govts

Facilitating an integrated framework for good governance

Good governance is about timely delivery of quality services to the citizens across all areas of administration through the efficient use of resources. Often administrators face the following challenges which affects the quality of governance

  • Lack of accurate and updated information
  • Lack of communication across different departments
  • Lag in turnaround time for being
  • unable to find the right resources at the right time

In today’s digital age, where citizens are well informed and involved, it’s critical that administrators adopt technology framework which helps them to overcome the above challenges efficiently. Geospatial technology provides an integrated framework, allowing for storing, representing and manipulating data visually.

IIC Technologies’ solutions for National, State, and Local governments brings together a host of services and solutions ranging from cadastral surveys to disaster management solutions.

Our solutions

Solution for land managment
  • Cadastral surveying solutions
  • Digital mapping
  • Land information and management systems (LIMS)
Solution for disaster managment
  • Disaster preparedness solutions
  • Emergency response solutions
  • Disaster mitigation solutions

IIC Technologies Value Chain