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Natural Resources

Solutions for environmentally safe exploration and sustainable management of natural resources .

Geospatial technology is a key enabler for management of natural resources through mapping, measuring, modeling, visualizing and monitoring the geographical area (surface and sub-surface). IIC Technologies’ solutions for Natural resources range from collection, processing (of data related to land, water, minerals, forests and soils) and integration of data (with socio-economic information such as demographic data like population, amenities and infrastructure). All of this information is delivered as customized applications that provide sound insights to aid decision makers arrive at solutions that ensure sustainable use of natural resources.

Our solutions help with 

  • Geophysical survey & charting to map land cover, vegetation, soil, water, and minerals.
  • Environmental management solutions around food security, water security, energy security, and sustainable development.
  • Watershed management solutions for sustainable and judicious use of aquifers, rivers lakes, dams and reservoirs.
  • Agricultural resource management solutions for crop forecasting, drought assessment, site-suitability analysis, irrigation management, environmental assessment and soil resource mapping.
  • Forest Management solutions for planning and control of how forest resources are maintained and utilized.
  • Biodiversity Management solutions for monitoring flora and fauna within protected areas, to detect and/or prevent the introduction of invasive species within an ecosystem.


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Our Solutions

Mining And Minerals
  • Geophysical surveys to validate ore deposits
  • Detailed topographic studies
  • Mine design mapping
  • Geo-referenced database management solutions
  • Geo-portals
  • Environmental audits
Water Resources
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Catchment and river basin planning 
  • Pollution control analysis



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