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Marine and Waterways

Marine and Waterways

Enabling marine and waterways operators and administrators to address their key challenges of growth, safety, and profitability.

Geospatial management solutions enable the port operators, Hydrographic offices and administrative agencies to address their key challenges, in a growing but cyclical industry. Governments across the world are focusing on making port operations more efficient and the use of inland waterways for passenger and goods transport.

IIC technologies’ Marine and waterways solutions and consulting services address key opportunities
and challenges for operators ranging from international mega ports, to private jetties and inland

One stop solution for all geospatial solutions -

  • Integrated Value Chain: With offerings across the entire value chain, from surveys (hydrographic and topographic) to solutions integrating geospatial, with port operations, we offer end-to-end solution, to a customer base across the globe.
  • International Expertise: Our qualified workforce, uses experience of serving our global customer base, to implement industry best practices, and international (IHO) standards.
  • Multi-disciplinary Skillset: IIC Technologies’ suite of offerings comprises domain knowledge with varied skillset such as hydrographic and terrestrial survey along with software development, providing a one-stop-shop for solutions to manage the traffic and assets, at the port and its hinterland.
  • Strategic Partnerships: We have strategic partnerships with niche service providers, to incorporate state-of-the-art modeling and simulation capabilities into the integrated solutions.


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Our Solutions

Port and inland waterways
  • R&D and feasibility studies
  • Port navigation services
  • Engineering solutions
  • Asset management
Hydrographic offices
  • Hydrographic Database services
  • Hydrographic data processing
  • Navigation Data products
  • Validation & Maintenance products