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IIC Project discussed in Hydro International!

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IIC Project discussed in Hydro International

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Hydro International recently interviewed Tion Uriam of the Marine Division of Kiribati Ministry of Information Communications and Transportation (MICT) on the importance of the Kiribati Outer Island Infrastructure Investment Project (KOITIIP). This Project is considered a vital step in Kiribati’s plan for developing trade, safety of navigation, infrastructure resilience and much more.

IIC are undertaking the bathymetric data capture for this project and currently have two teams in the field. The first is working with Tion in each of the four Outer Islands to establish control such as tides, Ground Control Points for the LiDAR and much more. The second team is in Auckland New Zealand and Tarawa Kiribati mobilising the LiDAR aircraft, which will capture high resolution imagery as well as bathymetric and terrestrial LiDAR. This will be followed by a ship based team who will conduct boat based MBES surveys of the proposed safe navigation passages in each of the four Outer Islands.


17 Mar, 23